Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Exploring QR Codes

Today's PD session was all about QR Codes and their uses in Education. We had the opportunity to share iTouches to 'read' QR codes. These codes 'revealed' information around what QR codes are and the history of QR codes. Another QR code took us to our school blog and another to a You Tube clip of the Flash Mob Haka in town last night for RWC! 

You may wonder why we are delving into QR codes..... It all began with an idea.... The junior school at Whangarei Primary School are doing an inquiry of learning around ‘Pirates’ - our idea is to create a QR code treasure hunt for the junior classes. The children of room 23 have been given the mission of creating this treasure hunt. In teams they are working on developing their clues utilising pirate ‘language’. They are reading pirate stories to give them ideas and inspire their creativity.

Over the next few weeks we will be developing these 'clues', creating the QR codes and then placing them around the school. All going well - other classes will have the opportunity to follow our QR code treasure hunt too! WATCH THIS SPACE:-) If you are keen to explore QR codes and have a smart phone or iPhone - simply download the free QR Reader app! 

If you have a QR Reader - Here are the codes we have created for this session.

And if you are keen to 'create your own QR codes' - in this small video clip, Poppy will explain how!